What We Believe

Heatherwood is focused on connecting people to God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

We know that God is real, alive, active, and revealed Himself through His Son. Therefore, we are convinced that Jesus Christ is the incarnation of God fully.

We also believe that God has imparted Himself in all those who believe through His Holy Spirit.

All of these things are clearly explained in Holy Scripture which we believe to be true and God-breathed in every word. Scripture helps to explain who we are and why God loves us so much. We believe that while everyone falls short of God’s perfect standard of holiness, Jesus Christ came to live a perfect life, died a voluntary death on the cross in our place, and rose from the dead just as He promised.

We believe that this atoning sacrifice and victory over death make it possible for anyone who trusts in Him to have new life both now and forever with God in Heaven.

This simple message of the Gospel is what we celebrate in our weekly services, and through our missions’ efforts around the world. This impacts us personally, but also every family. We believe that God instituted the family to exist in the context of marriage between one man and one woman for life. We also believe that parents are the primary disciple makers for their children and instrumental in impacting the culture for Christ. Our desire is for every family to experience and express the love of Christ. People are broken, God is a great healer, and you are invited to know Him. The invitation is for you to find a home here with Heatherwood and, most importantly, with God. At Heatherwood, you can come as you are and leave your preconceptions at the door. We are a very real place of healing, grace, and forgiveness. We are prayerfully waiting for you to join us.

SBC's Baptist Faith and Message

Heatherwood Baptist Church partners with thousands of like minded churches around the world through the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). We are an autonomous, self-governing congregation who believes that we can accomplish far more when we partner with other churches than we could ever accomplish on our own.

Through its various missions organizations, the SBC provides support for thousands of missionaries both here in the US and abroad. We are proud of our family of faith and its commitment to reach the world for Christ.